Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Got Database Pain?

I'm doing free brown-bag talks at companies around the community.   I have a lot of really great material after dealing with DB struggles in lots of different environments, and learning a lot along the way.  We'll go through patterns of common mistakes and how to reduce them, and strategies for making mistakes less costly when they do happen.   If you're interested, feel free to send me an email and we can schedule it!

Database CI: Practical Strategies for Reducing Database Pain

It's a common challenge - the database gets in the wrong state, the release is delayed, and the entire team is blocked and waiting for the centrally shared resource to be fixed.  Recovering from database mistakes can be quite painful.  Most of the tools available don't really solve this problem either - migrations focus on automating the deployment of the scripts, but don't help much in developing scripts that work to begin with.

But how can we reduce the number of mistakes? And how can we detect our mistakes as early and cheaply as possible?

In this presentation, we'll discuss strategies for reducing database costs with mistake-prone systems.  By adapting continuous integration principles to database work, we can drastically reduce the costs involved with database changes.  With practical examples and patterns for organizing SQL and database build automation, we'll cover strategies for many challenging issues:
  • Managing packages, procedures and views in the database
  • Changes (or mistakes) that can't be rolled back
  • High data volumes that make everything take longer
  • Systems that are hard to keep in your head
To register for this free brown-bag lunch presentation at your company, send us an email at and schedule a date! 

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